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Alice and Ethan.

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Favourite Movies: The Shining

"I can remember when I was a little boy. My grandmother and I could hold conversations entirely without ever opening our mouths. She called it "shining." And for a long time, I thought it was just the two of us that had the shine to us. Just like you probably thought you was the only one."

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One story that really struck me and got me thinking about this occurred a few years ago. There was this teenage punk-rocker kid who was run down in an iHop parking lot by a white jock and his girlfriend in dad’s cadillac. This boy died because he looked different, and he was run down by a drunk piece of shit that hated him and had always picked on him.  It’s a situation where you’ve got six kids who got their noses pierced, and you’ve got thirty jocks who are the popular kids at school. And they’re picking on them. They’re calling them fags, they’re calling them whatever. So this thing happens, this guy kills this kid, is clearly guilty…his guilt is admitted. And guess where this all-american athlete is? He’s in college. The jury felt that the punk rocker deserved to die because he looked the way he did. And not only was he killed, but then in the trial he was killed again because they criticized his lifestyle. Because he didn’t wear a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and khaki pants. And then the killer was even applauded at graduation because he was a football star: the American Dream. Strong. Normal. He never spent a day in prison. 

So who do we blame? Everybody wants to say, “There’s too much violence, there’s too much violence today.” Well…did everyone forget about the Civil War, the Bible, or Shakespeare? Violence isn’t brand new. And I don’t even think seeing violence is brand new, that’s not the problem. I think the more serious problem is seeing violence as a solution to solve a problem — that is what is sending a bad message to kids growing up. 

in which Marilyn Manson completely nails his speech (x)

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